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Book One: ALBION

I agree with other reviewers that it is a page turner, I really did want to find out what was going to happen next. I have discussed the book now on more than one occasion with friends who have also read it, we have discussed the characters (so its not just about plot!), what we think of Laura (mixed views), what we think of the talking animals (on the whole we like), how much research Elaine must have put in, what makes it a children’s book and the fact that Elaine doesn’t use a thesaurus (we assumed all writers did). I’m looking forward to Book 2 to understand the twist in the story at the end of Albion, so keep on writing.
Anna, 10 June 2009

Hey, I have read your book and I found it captivating and very enticing. Your style of writing made me want to carry on reading all the time, it was very original. I liked the cliffhanger for Katie at the end of a chapter, and I thought I should go to bed but I had to keep reading to find out what would happen! I also found myself lost in the imaginary world of Albion which I know is a sign of a good story. You are a brilliant writer and should keep it up. I loved all of Albion and I can’t wait for the next one! To sum Albion up I would say ‘A book you just can't put down’
Sophie L, 29 May 2009

I thought the book was amazing. It really has so much imagination in it and is one of those books where if you start to read you really won’t stop reading. It has so many questions to answer that you have to read it all. The idea of two different people in different times really was intresting. It’s like one of the half of the book is talking in that language from that time, like when people spoke differently and then when you read katie’s side it talks like now and I understood it a lot better while with Mortunda’s side I had to read it a few times over because it was so different. The book was amazing though and the author has obviously got a lot of imagination and I just can’t wait to read what happens next. I really liked the part at the beginning where katie went to vist her nan. You kind of was like katie and you had just found out about the secret of the jewel. Amazing book and the authour should be proud of themselves.
Suzie, 22 May 2009

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As an Adult reader, I thoroughly enjoyed E.J.Bousfield’s ’The Jewel Keepers’. Comprising a rich tapestry of two worlds interwoven through time, it scores high for sheer imagination, the believability of the two girls ( I loved Mortunda ) and the

celtic tribal world that was Britain. It is an ambitious novel that incorporates some big ideas, including, bravely, a mental health strand, which for the most part comes together really well. The only part that didn’t work for me were the talking animals, but I can appreciate the appeal for a younger audience. All in all, it was a great page turner, leaving us hungry for the next installment!
Mandy J, 01 June 2009

I am afraid I am one of the readers in the adult range - but having said that I still really enjoyed this book. I love the likes of Harry Potter and the story of the dragon riders so was looking forward to more of this type of story and was not dissapointed! I like stories that leave me wondering whats going to happen next and weave together more than one story - as this book did. It’s written in a way that is enjoyable for someone of my age, but also I would not hesitate to recommend it for younger readers - in fact I already have some young people and some other adults wanting to steal my copy for a read!
Lindsay, 26 May 2009

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