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Two girls separated by centuries in time, united by a mysterious jewel

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Book One: ALBION

Dear Elaine, Thank you so much for visiting us! Your work was fantastic and I know that there will have been a buzz amongst the students about it afterwards. You will have inspired them to write and that is a great gift!
Harrytown school teacher, 8th Oct 2009

From the wise and trustworthy Lovernicus to the batty and loveable Nana, from the secretly sinister Sego to the amusingly stubborn squirrel; this book brings to life two worlds both equally enchanted and filled with weird and wonderful characters. The lives of strongly determined Mortunda and bravely spellbound Katie are woven together beautifully and subtly throughout, leading to a magical and gripping climax in the final pages. Adventurous, mystical and full to the brim with imagination, this book will delight and leave you desperate for the answers to the mystery and eager to embark on the fantasy journey. Bring on the next books!
India, 9th July 2009

I am not a fan of fantasy, but, having committed myself to reading The Jewel Keepers, I plodded through. After a couple of chapters my plodding through suddenly turned to racing through as I became captivated by the characters and the plot, twisting and turning through time, revealing thoroughly researched detail of Roman England tribes, 19th century asylums, and single parents, as Katie begins to accept her gift and believe in the quest for the jewel. A real mix of characters and a thoroughly enjoyable read. A fantastically well thought out story, I cannot wait for the next book, and please, please let Stanley make another appearance somewhere. The only problem I had was that the book will not stand alone, unlike others of its kind, where you can pick up any one of a series, and reach a satisfying end to the subplot, this left me feeling that I had missed the last few pages. However this does not detract from the promise of things to come from this author.
Liz B, 8th July 2009

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One of our pupils has just read your book. He thoroughly enjoyed it and he told the rest of the group that it was inspiring and awesome!
Mrs Clarke (teacher), 8th Oct 2009

I love this book so much!! It is a real page turner and I need to read the next one now! I really enjoyed reading about the two girls in two different sets of time and it was so interesting to see how they are connected by the mysterious jewel. This book is written perfectly and keeps your attention right the way through. I cannot wait to read the next one in this brilliant triligy. Adults and children are going to love it - like how the Harry Potter series took off. I loved reading about Mortunda and how life was back then compared to how much different it is now, people had respect for elders and the spiritual world. And I like that she is strong minded and knows what she wants - she is a good character to read about. All in all, I will recommend this book to all my family and friends. It is the best book I have read in a long time. Keep it up! Can't wait to read to next two in this amazing trilogy!
Lindsey Evans, 9th July 2009

This book is so brilliant because I was trying to guess the ending the entire way through and couldn't come up with anything. There are very few books in which you can’t even hint at the ending for, and these books are definitely the most refreshing. Everything was just so sudden and I didn’t see a lot of it coming, so it was really exciting to read. I like that the characters are so realistic and that what they do and how they feel you can really relate to and understand. Also the fact that you switch between two different characters in entirely different places in time is really brilliant, and done in a way so that you never feel bored or tired of reading about one of the two, like can happen in some books. Both of their stories are very compelling and intriguing. I will be, without a doubt, getting the next book in the series, because the ending was so good and left so much you still want to know that I can’t imagine NOT knowing what happens next. I really recommend you read this. Unputdownable.
:], 7th July 2009

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