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Events attended by E.J.Bousfield

September 09
At Didsbury Arts Festival

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June 09
19th June: Harrytown RC School in Stockport. I met the students from Harrytown’s Creative Writing Group and spoke about how I wrote The Jewel Keepers. Next term I am going back to see them again and we are going to do some creative writing together. They were incredibly enthusiastic and a very talented group of young people. It was great! We decided that like art, music and drama, there should be a GSCE option for creative Writing. Well why not?
Had a week in Scotland, locked away working on Book Two: MONA

July 09
On the 15th July Oswald Road Primary school in Chorlton
On Friday 10th July Hazel Grove school
On Friday 3rd July Offerton School in Stockport, running some workshops with the pupils.

On Thursday 2nd July St Annes school in Stockport

18 May 09
I launched the first book in The Jewel Keepers Trilogy during the Chorlton Arts Festival (16th-22nd May). Thanks to everyone who turned up and also thanks to Chorlton Book Shop for helping out.

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