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Two girls separated by centuries in time, united by a mysterious jewel

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Biography of the author

I grew up in a small town called Stanford-Le-Hope in Essex and lived in a terraced house that was painted pale green. I have many happy memories of living there. My friends and I were all mad about Donny Osmond or David Cassidy and other 1970s pop stars that were very cool back then but not so cool now.

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Then, when I was 11 my parents moved my sister and I to a place called South Benfleet. Although this was a more "posh" place to live, the people were nowhere near as friendly. I went to the local comprehensive school and was lucky to have a wonderful English teacher who was also the school librarian.

I went to college and studied A levels and then moved on to the University of Sussex where I studied something incredibly boring called Social Administration (don’t ask).

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After that I left Brighton to live in London for a while. There I worked as a community worker, went off to pick coffee in Nicaragua (a very beautiful country in Central America) and then came back to train as a counsellor. I have worked with young people as a counsellor ever since.

Now I live in Manchester and when I am not running around all over the country telling people about the online counselling service I help to run, I write novels for young people. The Jewel Keepers is a trilogy about the past and the present and I hope you will read it and let me know what you think.

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