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Two girls separated by centuries in time, united by a mysterious jewel

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Welcome to the Jewel Keepers trilogy by E.J.Bousfield

The Jewel Keepers is a magical fantasy that centres around two girls, separated by centuries of time, but united by a mysterious Jewel. The story is set in Katie’s world, the modern world of Britain but we are also taken to Mortunda’s world – the Celtic past of Britain when people lived in tribes and believed that the world around them was alive and magical. Mortunda’s tribe is the Brigante and it was one of the largest tribes in pre-roman Britain.

I have drawn on lots of historical research to paint Mortunda’s world and although Mortunda herself is not an historical figure, there are people in the novel who are (especially in book two). The trilogy is set at the time when Albion was on the brink of being taken into the Roman Empire and explores what that might have been like for the different tribes, as well as following the story of the Jewel Keeper.

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The Jewel Keepers is a tale of power, religion, war, belief and friendship.

This is really a story for older children, teens or young people but hopefully many adults will enjoy it too. My children range from 12 to 19 years old and they have all said that they enjoyed Albion; feedback from forty something adults has been positive too. It is fair to say that it is for "the young at heart".

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